Bryon Dadles

Senior VP/VP of Roofing

Upon his honorable retirement from the US Navy, Bryon joined the construction arena with a major area Commercial Roofing Company as an Estimator, working his way up to Vice President. He then joined Ryan and Todd to help TST Roofing & Glazing become the major Commercial Roof and Glass company it is today.

Bryon brings over two decades of invaluable experience in the Commercial Roofing Industry, serving as a cornerstone of TST Roofing & Glazing since its inception. With 24 years of industry expertise, he co-founded TST Roofing & Glazing and has navigated various roles to steer its growth and success. Formerly a Project Manager and Vice President at Westar Roofing Corporation, Bryon’s journey at TST Roofing & Glazing has seen him excel as a Superintendent, Vice President of Operations, and currently as the Senior Vice President. His personal specialties include Project Management, adept Personnel Management, strategic Team Planning and Coordination, and adept Problem Solving skills, all of which underscore his integral role in driving TST Roofing & Glazing forward in the competitive commercial roofing sector.

United States Navy, 1978-2001
OSHA 10-hour Construction Safety and Health, American Heart Association CPR, AED and First-Aid Program, 24 Hour Competent Fall Protection, Construction Quality Management for Contractors United States Army Corps of Engineers