A company offering a wide-range of services, across many markets.

We work with our partners and clients to streamline projects that don’t just deliver on excellence, but also deliver on time and within budget – which is crucial to success in a highly competitive market where every day and every dollar counts. 

TST Roofing & Glazing has consistently embraced innovation to provide a superior level of quality for all of our valuable clients. We have completed all kinds of projects, across many different markets, and would love to work with you on your next project!


TST Roofing & Glazing provides a broad spectrum of services to the federal government. Our customers include the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Navy Facilities Engineering Command, U.S. Coast Guard, and others. We are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Company and are committed to being a strategic partner wherever we can with the Federal Government.


State and Municipal spaces bring communities together and work to keep them running smoothly. We are proud to serve the needs of our state and local communities by delivering projects that enhance capability at all levels.


Whether it be K-12 or Higher Education, TST Roofing & Glazing is committed to delivering quality while staying true to the unique values and core functions of each school project. We are able to adapt to rapid changes driven by technology, new approaches, and the health and well-being of students.


From helping to preserve historical structures to creating high-end modern spaces, TST Roofing & Glazing can assure a smooth, cost-effective, and timely process to meet the requirements of any commercial facility project. We’re fully committed to ensuring you get the most for your investment.


No matter the size of your healthcare-related project, it’s crucial to get it right. Your patients are the most important piece to any project puzzle in this market, and we get that! Healthcare-related technology and growing patient needs are constantly changing, so when those changes cause your facility to need updates or create a need to make room for growth, TST Roofing & Glazing is dedicated to helping you achieve that.


TST Roofing & Glazing has the tools to assist you in the construction of your next hospitality-based project. Whether the project is the complete renovation of an existing space, the demolition and reconstruction of something greater than what once was, or a vision and an empty canvas, we would love to work with you to towards a space that allows you to offer an exceptional guest experience.


With an understanding of construction phasing, coordination with owners, architects, and subcontractors, and the importance of deadlines and schedules, we would work with you to strive for little or no interruption to your production. We are aware of the additional safety regulations that always apply in industrial settings and our in-house safety management can make even the toughest industrial projects run smoothly and safely.


In the market to build a living structure that combines spacious accommodations with the very best in amenities? Let us help! We would approach your project as if we were future tenants. We would love the opportunity to prove our commitment to quality, our experience, and our standards in craftsmanship, and as a result, work to build our project relationship into a lifetime relationship.


Whether the project need is to construct shell space or provide a tenant upfit, TST Roofing & Glazing has the team to help. We have a keen understanding that a retail client cannot generate cash-flow until the project is complete. We can work with you on your tighter budget and schedule needs to help you with your fast-track construction needs to help you get up and running quickly so that you are generating income.