Dan Hugeback

VP of Glass

Dan began his career in the glazing industry in the warehouse, moving up to certified glazing mechanic, then to glazing company business owner. He has completed numerous successful glazing projects and was instrumental in developing the State Certified Apprenticeship Program for glazing mechanics with the ABC.

Dan began his career in the glass and glazing trade as the proverbial warehouse floor sweeper and steadily climbed the ladder of success. After completing a rigorous four-year apprenticeship program, he became the lead foreman on numerous projects, including the impressive 26-story Dominion Building. In 1988, Dan founded his own company, which he grew into one of the premier contract glazing firms in Tidewater. With nearly four decades of experience in the glass industry, Dan joined the TST Roofing and Glazing Team through acquisition and is now thriving as the head of the glass division.

Education & Certifications coming soon!